The Met, Air Bnb Package

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A lot of people are unaware as to the service we offer for short term rental accommodation (mostly Air Bnb properties), so we thought we’d talk about a package we did a few weeks ago for an offshore client to give you an insider’s look into the whole process!

It all started when an overseas client was referred to us by our friends over at Guest Easy, an Airbnb management company! To start off with we went around to the property when the client was in the country, took measurements, sent a quote and got working on mood boards to create a bespoke look for the property.

It was a really cool project. It already had dreamy windows and high ceilings, beautiful walnut floors and fresh paint! We were excited as soon as we saw the property.

We altered the looks we sent our client based on his personal preferences, and went back and forth to select furniture choices he specifically loved. We discussed art choices and narrowed down our options to either coastal vibes, or green foliage. We looked into a number of different cushion and soft furnishing combinations based on all of the above and were then able to narrow down some of the smaller choices and order all the kitchenware and small decoratives from our suppliers.

The 2.5 seater brown leather sofa became a beautiful medium for the walnut floors and other oak furniture items as it was a darker brown than any of the other tones of the room while also keeping consistent with the earthiness of the place, not to mention comfy! You could just melt into its cushions! The wool ottoman at its foot enhanced the luxurious experience that much more as it provided a texture your feet would definitely approve of. 

We decided on a white tulip dining table and white table-top coffee table to become the brightest contrasts in just the right places, while the oak dining chairs and sturdy entertainment unit softened the look between these contrasts. The chairs had beautiful curved backs to provide comfort for guests while also being a light piece to move around. The entertainment unit wasn’t going anywhere once we put it in its place - no guests would have to worry about knocking the TV off. 

The rug underneath the living room arrangement was the perfect cream to neutralize all the colours of the living room and brought a warm pop to an earthy habitat. Our client was a fan of blues and he wasn’t wrong to be so! We dressed the sofa and the bed with masculine blue tones that complimented the greenery going around by way of the plant in the living room and the art above the bed, also the hint of blue in the living room art pieces! We played with different hues of blue throughout our cushion combos and decided on a baby blue for the bedside lamps that, again, brought just the right pop of lighter tones where we needed them. Our bedsides drew in the look of the living room into the bedroom, which is important when its an open-plan studio apartment, by pulling in that oak visible throughout the studio. Just like that, voila! We were ready for the smaller details like dining table pieces, kitchen appliances and putting light bulbs into our lamps! A job well done we think!

Something to note about Air Bnb packages that a lot of people forget is that people are living and breathing the choices we make when they stay (rather than it being a static installation like in a home staging). This means we have to perfectly balance function and form, while sticking to a budget the client approves. It’s a tricky job but we are unique in Auckland in terms of this service we offer.

If you want to check out more photos of this project head over to our website gallery here.

A Guide to Furniture Buying for Petite Spaces

A friend of mine recently bought an apartment in Auckland to live in and was struggling to work out what sizes and types of furniture to buy for it. He was finding it hard to work out what furniture would maximise the space, but still be a decent size for him to be able to relax in.

I realised this is probably a common issue, hence my new blog topic!

It's always difficult to talk about buying furniture across the board as each space is slightly different and has its own quirks, but generally apartments are relatively similar in proportions and shape. 

Here are my tips for choosing furniture for petite sized spaces:

  • For an average apartment, a 2.5 seater couch works really well. It doesn't take up too much space (I find 3 seaters too large for most apartments until you get up near the 45 sqm mark), but you can still stretch out on it.

  • A 2.5 seater works well with an occasional chair to give you extra seating. Using a 2.5 seater with an occasional chair means you can move the configuration around to suit if you have guests or feel like a change.

  • If you have the space, an ottoman is another great option for flexibility. You can use it as an extra seat if you have guests, and it can double as a side table when required. You can also use it to stretch your feet out on the couch - giving you the comfort of having a chaise couch without the lack of flexibility.

  • Chaise couches tend to be reasonably limiting for apartments, as they can cut the space off. Having said this, some spaces lend themselves to having one nicely - and it is nice to be able to stretch out. If you haven't really had a chance to be in the space much, I wouldn't recommend buying a chaise couch until you have triple checked it will fit well. I have transformed a number of spaces which looked very small by removing the owner's chaise couch and replacing with a 2.5 seater and an occasional chair, it opens the space out so much more.

  • If the room is narrow a circular coffee table (unless it is very small), is often a bit awkward. You want to allow room to access sliding doors to the balcony without hindering where people will walk. I would recommend a slim rectangular coffee table for these kinds of spaces. If you are really short on space a table nest works well for flexibility as you can curve it around the arm of the couch and keep most of the space in front of the couch clear.

  • Plants, plants, plants! Apartments and small spaces need some greenery to transform them from concrete jungle to homely and inviting. A taller plant works well in areas where you need to add some interest. I often use tall but narrow plants in an area that already has pictures on the wall but needs something extra to fill a void. Rather than filling all the walls with pictures and "things", a plant keeps the space looking clean and uncluttered, but adds interest and texture.

  • A smaller sized square dining table is infinitely more flexible than a rectangular or medium sized round one. I use a 90cm x 90cm square style for a lot of apartments. This size is brilliant as you can use it as a 2 seater for everyday use, and also as a comfortable 4 seater if you have extra guests. You can have it right up against a wall to free up space in the living room.

  • Generally interior designers will tell you to buy a much larger rug than the furniture you have. This is normally correct, but with very small spaces a large rug can make the space feel a lot smaller. Shop around for medium and petite options - a medium sized hide rug (which is not a uniform shape) work better than a large and cumbersome rectangular rug. For even tinier places, things like a goat skin or sheepskin on the floor can be used in place of a large rug to add texture.

  • Shop around for petite options! Sometimes just when I start to feel like I am never going to find the perfect item, I will find it. Keep looking around, and don't settle on options which aren't right for the space. You will find it!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! It was a cracker year for Nook Staging last year - a big learning curve as I navigated starting my own business and all that it entailed. I am so excited for 2017, and to take everything to the next level. Last year I hit a milestone and had an additional staff member come on board. No doubt many clients will meet Abbey Meehan this year, she is absolutely brilliant and I know she will help to get Nook operating even smoother than last year. Over the Christmas break I secured some brand new suppliers to work alongside my existing suppliers. I can't wait to use their beautiful new things in my staging packages this year. I will post in the next few weeks so you can see some of their gorgeous items. 

I also have a blog to come this week about buying furniture for apartments and specifically what I have found works well for small spaces, so keep an eye out!

Thanks for your support over 2016. I am looking really forward to achieving even more in 2017.